Architects, engineers, and contractors are well acquainted with the complexities of restoring masonry chimneys while maintaining their historic value. Poured and solidified within the existing chimney, the Guardian Chimney Liner® permanently restores the structure without altering the appearance or historic integrity. The Guardian Chimney Liner® dramatically increases structural strength, improves fireplace or appliance performance and is suitable for all fuels. The unique Guardian formula is designed for zero-clearances with only 3/4" liner thickness.
Many chimneys do not comply with today's I.R.C. 2006 building code ("2 inch clearance to combustibles"). Therefore, the specifications of a chimney liner must compensate for this deficiency. The clearance specification is required in order to reduce the risk of ignition of flammable framing that may be in close proximity or in direct contact with the chimney. The clearance issue is most relevant with historic structures since the framing is dry, and oftentimes, supported by the chimney. The chemical and physical properties of the Guardian Chimney Liner® material, and the method by which it is installed, address this dangerous condition. The penetrating nature of the Guardian Chimney Liner® material permanently seals all openings (preventing dangerous gas and heat leakages) and completely reinforces the entire interior surface of the chimney. Once installed, the highly insulating Guardian Chimney Liner® legally allows framing to be in direct contact with the chimney - eliminating concern, and rendering full compliance with the building code.
“As a historic architectural designer, one of my primary responsibilities is to ensure that all work, material, and systems comply with the strict guidelines of the preservation society. I’ve had the Guardian chimney liner installed in chimneys on various projects, and have had 100% success with the performance, structural enhancement, and overall safety the Guardian system provides, while still remaining within the historic guidelines.”

Oaky Turner, Architectural Designer, Middleburg, VA

“As a restoration firm specializing in historic renovation, adherence to original architectural design is a must. The Guardian system has proven to preserve the original design of the chimney, while providing a permanent renovation of the structure. Guardian is the only chimney lining process we recommend to our clients.”

L. Blackwell, Miller & Blackwell Construction, Inc., VA

“We’ve been very impressed with the Guardian system and its ability to restore the integrity of older masonry chimneys without affecting originality. The chimney is not only restored structurally, but also done in a manner that allows the fireplace to function properly. When our clients spend thousands of dollars, we want and need the flues to work, and they do.”

M. Bridges, Builder’s 1 Custom Builders, Inc., VA