(1) The chimney is first inspected and cleaned using standard chimney sweep procedures and equipment. Chimneys that have suffered fire damage often have cracked or broken tiles (photo 1).
Chimneys that are older are oftentimes unlined and seriously deteriorated (photo 2).
(2) All lower openings in the chimney structure are closed off and any weak areas in the chimney are braced. If the flue is lined, all existing flue liners are removed from the flue to be relined (photo 3), ensuring a proper cavity in which to size and pour the new Guardian chimney liner®.
(3) An inflatable rubber former is inserted into the chimney cavity, centered with spacers  (Photo 4) to ensure proper flue wall thickness, even along offsets or bends within the flue path.
A vibrator, attached to the former (photo 5), causes the Guardian material to settle and flow throughout the chimney cavity.
(4) The Guardian material is prepared on site by simply adding water. The mixture is then poured or pumped into the chimney from the top so that it flows around the former, filling the entire cavity (photo 6).
When it is necessary to restore the smoke chamber, the Guardian material is carved and shaped, while pliable, into a smooth, efficient transition into the base of the new Guardian flue (photo 7).
(5) When the Guardian material hardens, the former is deflated and removed, leaving a smooth, round, efficient flue passage (photo 8). The new Guardian chimney liner® dramatically increases the structural integrity of the entire chimney. The Guardian material actually penetrates into the chimney walls creating an internal, reinforcing matrix that binds all the surfaces together.
(6) To finish, a new section of flue liner is mortared to the top of the Guardian chimney liner® and the chimney crown is replaced (photo 9) or restored with CrownGuard, a waterproof polymer membrane that flexes as the crown expands and contracts with temperature changes. With proper maintenance, your new Guardian chimney liner® will provide a lifetime of chimney safety and peace of mind.